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Business & Strategic Planning Services

TMG offers Business & Strategic Planning Services to assist entrepreneurs with the initial and ongoing planning for their businesses. We use a collaborative approach with all of our planning services, and require active involvement and participation from the business owners with whom we work. Our Business & Strategic Planning services include:

Business Plan Development

TMG works with you to develop comprehensive business plans that are critical to starting and managing a successful business. TMG uses a collaborative approach in the business planning process, and only works with clients who are able to commit to playing a significant role in the development of the plan. We believe that, to be successful in the long run, potential business owners must have the market and competitor knowledge that is gained during the business plan development process.

Strategic Planning

TMG stresses the importance of continuous self-assessment to ensure that existing businesses remain on track, identify potential threats in time to respond proactively, and take advantage of all available opportunities. TMG facilitates planning sessions for the owners and managers of businesses, and documents the results in a formal Strategic Plan Report.